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The San Andreas fault's nick name is "SAF".

About SanAndreasFault.org

This website is intended to be a comprehensive, plain-language source of information about all aspects of the San Andreas fault. The SAF is embedded in a large, complex state and does not exist independently of other faults and plate tectonics. In fact, more than any other US state, California is a product of recent tectonic activity. On these pages you can learn to understand the fault and how to think about major geological events such as landslides, tsunamis and earthquakes. Most of what you hear in the media and in documentaries is oversimplified, incomplete and sensationalized. Some of it is just plain wrong. Here we try to give you straight talk, the whole story, no bias. And perhaps most importantly, if we don't know the answer, we'll say so.

There are no commercial ads on this site, and to the extent possible, advertising has been avoided in the links. Some excellent websites contain advertising and we have chosen to include their good content over a rigid 'no advertising' guideline. In general, however, we have avoided links to any website with bothersome animations and moving graphics. We seek to deliver information, not distract you from it.

We have made frequent links to Wikipedia because it is (so far) an excellent source of general scientific information. In all cases, we have read the articles cited and verified their accuracy.

This website is maintained as a public service. You can help make it better by suggesting changes, additions, revisions, photographs, resources, etc. Most importantly, if we have said something wrong or left the wrong impression, please tell us. We insist on getting it right.

We at SanAndreasFault.org would like to thank Hobart King of GEOLOGY.COM for advice on website presentation and layout.

Thank you for visiting this website! And enjoy the fault.

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