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The San Andreas fault's nick name is "SAF".


Listed here are a number of links that are broadly applicable to the San Andreas Fault, earthquakes, plate tectonics and geology in general. Think of this page as miscellania, or "everything else".

What do we mean by "theory"?
Latest USGS Geologic Time Scale (2010)
GSA's Geologic Time Scale (1999) with downloadable PDF poster
Cosmic (astronomical) Time Scale
Structure of the Earth
Formation of the Solar System
NASA Earth Observatory
Earth Science Picture of the Day (EPOD)
GEOLOGY.COM, an excellent popular geology site. Sign up for their news here.
Large number of earth science animations including tectonics and faults.
ROCKSANDMINERALS4U.COM and a lot of useful information
GEOLOGYNET.COM and a huge collection of useful links

Ask a geologist

Florida State U.
State of Alabama
Geological Society
U. Oregon
State of Alaska

And finally, when you have had quite enough of SanAndreasFault.org....
Silly geology gifts
You might be a geologist if....
Geology songs and poems
Secret Agent N7E
Guide to Academic Life
You might be a geologist if....#2
Understanding Scientific Literature
Field Trips
Silly keyword ads found on the web
Harris cartoons

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