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The San Andreas fault's nick name is "SAF".


Geology and geophysics are done by people who are formally trained in these fields. Research and education is done at universities, and research and applied geology are done by the government organizations. There are many private geological consulting firms that supply geological data and research to anyone who wants to construct something such as a school, hospital, private home, railroad track, aqueduct, etc. Before a building can receive a building permit, it must (among other things) demonstrate that it is not located where there is a geological hazard, or if it is, how the builders plan to mitigate the risk.

Listed below are the major academic and government organizations who contribute to our understanding of the SAF and geology in general.Owing to their large numbers, community colleges and private colleges are not presented here. Some of them have excellent earth Science departments so you you should search your local area for them.

University Geology Departments in California

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
Stanford University
University of Southern California (USC)
University of California  Berkeley  Davis  Irvine  Los Angeles  Merced  Riverside  San Diego  Santa Cruz  Santa Barbara
California State University  Bakersfield  Chico  Dominguez Hills  East Bay  Fresno  Fullerton  Humboldt  Long Beach  Los Angeles  Monterey Bay  Northridge  Pomona  Sacramento  San Bernardino  San Diego  San Francisco  San Jose  San Luis Obispo  Sonoma  Stanislaus


United States Geological Survey USGS                                     About USGS
National Earthquake Information Center (USGS)
California Geological Survey CGS                                             About CGS
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA        About NOAA
National Geodetic Survey NGS                                                   About NGS
National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA             About NASA
National Science Foundation, Earth Sciences NSF EAR            About NSF
Earthscope (NSF)
National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program NEHRP
California Seismic Safety Commission CSSC
California Environmental Resources Evaluation System CERES
Western States Seismic Policy Council WSSPC
Earthquake Engineering Research Institute EERI
Earthquake Clearinghouse (EERI)
California Office of Emergency Services

Professional organizations

Geological Society of America GSA
American Geological Institute AGI
American Geophysical Union AGU
Seimsmological Society of America SSA
Earthquake Engineering Research Institute EERI
Southern California Earthquake Center SCEC
Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists AEG
San Diego Association of Geologists SDAG
Earthquake Country Alliance
National Earth Science Teachers Association NESTA
California Council of Geoscience Organizations

Independent California geological societies

Northern California Geological Society NCGS
Peninsula Geological Society PGS
Coast Geological Society CGS
South Coast Geological Society SCGS
San Joaquin Geological Society SJGS
Los Angeles Basin Geological Society LBGS
San Diego Geological Society SDGS
Inland Geological Society IGS

Museums and science centers featuring geological displays and information

California Academy of Sciences (San Francisco)
California Science Center (Los Angeles)
Discovery Science Center (Santa Ana)
Exploratorium (San Francisco)
Los Angeles County Natural History Museum
San Bernardino County Museum
San Diego Natural History Museum
Santa Barbara Natural History Museum

Other lists of Earth Science Organizations

AGI Earth Science Week's list of organizations in the US by state
American Geological Institute's list of member organizations
Wikipedia's Earth Science portal

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